EXCLUSIVE: Prototype of Ballots With Watermarks Released In Arizona!

This week, things have gotten even hotter down south!

New details are being released, and the audits are going full steam!

On Wednesday, Vernon Jones, who is running for Governor of Georgia to defeat Brian Kemp, posted a picture to his Instagram of prototype ballots WITH watermarks!

While in Arizona, he toured the audit and had a meeting with legislators.

The posted picture was while in a briefing with Arizona legislators at the audit.

It is believed that the watermarked ballots will be used in the future to keep elections secure.

Yet, many patriots have suspected and hoped legitimate ballots were printed with watermarks.

In case illegitimate ballots lacking watermarks were discovered, it would be easy to shine a light on voter fraud!

Recently on Bannon’s War Room, Vernon Jones said that “light is being shined on this process.”

He added the election fraud unearthed will get the rats out of town!

He now claims a hurricane is happening in Georgia when it comes to voter fraud coming out.

Is it possible that the ballots in 2020 have been, in fact, watermarked?

Watch the video below:

The Gateway Pundit reported more details on the prototype watermarked ballots released:

“On Wednesday, Former Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones and Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik made a trip to Arizona for a tour of the Arizona audit floor.

While in a briefing with Arizona legislators, Vernon Jones shared a photo of a prototype ballot on his Instagram.

This ballot prototype has a special watermark to ensure the ballot is legitimate. the watermark appears to be holographic or light-sensitive.

This is something that legislators are considering implementing in the future to keep our elections secure.”

Some Twitter users believe this is a leak to something bigger:




Since the election, we’ve been covering the watermarks and evidence of their use.

Don’t go anywhere, things are about to unravel very soon.



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