Exclusive: ICE to Release Migrants Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities

Border Patrol agents rely on Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to release migrants

According to federal law enforcement sources, Border Patrol agents contact ICE officers when it comes to releasing migrants when Texas Rio Grande Valley lacks detention space. Border Patrol coordinates these releases and sending migrants straight into border communities is considered a last-resort option. Border Patrol agents will be able to conduct local releases in cases when ICE officials are unable to deal with the number of arrests conducted by the Border Patrol.

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The new policy is expected to bring relief to local shelters in South Texas border communities in the Rio Grande Valley. Of course, this depends on where ICE officials decide to release migrants. It’s a rather big change in procedure, and migrants will probably be released away from border areas in the Rio Grande Valley. This change probably stems from the increased media attention to the situation.

Sources reveal that ICE agents will remove a big chunk of the released migrants from border areas and transport them to family residential detention centers until their release. If this happens, the state will have to provide funding for transportation costs related to the movement of migrants to other areas.

ICE operates family residential detention centers in small Texas communities in San Antonio and these facilities lack proper public transportation resources needed to move migrants. Sources reveal that this will increase the chances of migrant releases in San Antonio. The change was brought as a solution to the current situation with migrants. It is not expected to affect the increased number of migrants entering the country.

Border communities had a hard time dealing with migrant releases before the recent storm. Some of the communities didn’t have enough resources to handle hundreds of released migrants. Law enforcement sources reveal that many migrants are not even tested for COVID-19.

Texas is dealing with inhumane winter weather, and humanitarian shelters are packed with migrants. Transportation companies have canceled operations as a result of the weather. Migrants turned to local businesses to stay warm. Non-government humanitarian shelters had no power at one point.  Locals in one Texas border community reported cases of migrants wandering through large stores to stay warm. These department stores had power and heat, and people were just trying to stay warm.

In a recent video posted on YouTube, Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, urges President Joe Biden to halt the release of migrants in his city and communities. The mayor tries to explain that the freezing temperatures and lack of resources make things really difficult for communities. Residents are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, and Lozano pleads for enough resources to deal with the flow of migrants.

Almost nothing has changed in West Texas, but police officers reveal that Lozano’s message led to changes in other areas. The new practices regarding migrant releases in the Rio Grande Valley are much different now.

The new plan will depend on the number of arrests in the area. CBP reports that Border Patrol agents arrested more than 69,000 migrants since the start of the fiscal year starting from October 2020. This marks a 136 percent increase when compared to the same time frame last fiscal year.

ICE officials weren’t available for more information on the policy change.

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Sources: Breitbart

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