EXCLUSIVE: Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Including Raffensperger Concealed Ballot Tampering from Judge – “We Are Discussing What to Do With It” (AUDIO)

Things took an unexpected twist

Garland Favorito is the co-founder of VoterGA. It’s a nonpartisan, non-profit, all-volunteer, dues-free organization that has been leading the election integrity movement in Georgia for 16 years.

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In March, a Georgia judge ruled that VoterGA can unseal the Fulton County Georgia ballots and look for any invalid votes.

In April, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asked the court to keep the Fulton County ballots locked and sealed.

Favorito accused Raffensperger of trying to cover up the scam that took place in the state.

The situation is worse than you first thought. A report by Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations reveals that Raffensperger actually defied court orders and decided to tamper with ballot boxes in Fulton County. This happened right after the judge issued a protective order over boxes with ballots in January.

Jim Hoft talked to Favorito about the report he released Tuesday.

Garland wasn’t really surprised by the story.

“Not at all, we had been aware of this for a long time… Let me clarify, we have been aware that they had claimed that they had done that.”

According to him, this must have occurred after they talked to Suzi Voyles on Januayr 7th. Voyles had inked a legal affidavit accusing Fulton County of counting ballots she called “pristine” that didn’t appear to be legitimate.

Garland said this on admission by the state officials, “It sounds like they are admitting that they tampered with the ballots in violation of Georgia law.”

Favorite said his team has discussed what to do with this plot twist.

“We are discussing what to do with it.”

Jim Hoft, “So you might take action but you haven’t decided?”

Garland Favorito, “Well we haven’t decided what action should be taken… I would think that the judge would want to know that they concealed this activity from him, when they submitted their amicus brief in our case… That was around the middle of May.”

Jim Hoft: “They hid that from the judge that they tampered with some of the ballots after they were told not to. That sounds like a very big deal to me.”

Garland Favorito: ‘Yeah, I thought it was a very big deal.”

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Source: The Gateway Pundit



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