Exclusive: CPS Survivor Endured Horror, Eye Witness Testimony Of Permanent, Life-Changing Abuse

Parents and victims share the most disturbing secrets

Child Protective Services victimized their families for years. Whistleblowers from CPS support these storied. What about all the victims who went through this nightmare?

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Kajal Emmett has something to say. She was born in New Delhi, India. Sadly, Kajal was abandoned in the streets when she was just 4 years old. A police officer picked her up and she ended up in an Indian orphanage. An American family adopted her right away. That’s what they told her.

However, we couldn’t help ourselves but ask… Who took this kid to the US?

Kajal’s adopters abused her and the foster care system took care of her. She was just 15 when this happened. Kajal stayed in “the system” until she was 21. She was placed in the Elks Aidmore group home which was “only doing it for the money”.

Sex trafficking, drug abuse… Kajal saw it all… The group home was nothing but a house of horror.

Kajal is in the final year of college. She pursued a degree in exercise science and wellness promotion.

Rumble has her story.

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