EXCLUSIVE: Bongino Just Discovered Biden’s Secret Border Facility Secret!

“They don’t want anybody seeing anything.”

Dan Bongino is an awesome man and a true reporter, who deservedly keeps climbing up the stairs to success.

This time, he reported that Biden and his administration have gone into “incognito mode” regarding the border crisis.

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Exactly on point!

Who? What? Where? How?

During his appearance on Fox News, he stated:

“These people with the narrative spinning. So just to be clear, it was OK to stick the press in the middle of a Black Lives Matter rally in the summer with no vaccine in the middle of the worst part of the pandemic. That was OK, but God forbid you to put them in PPE and let them walk in and photograph in immigration, CBP. No, we definitely can’t have that. What kind of an idiot falls for that stupidity? This guy should be embarrassed saying that on the air.”

Bongino did not stop here and went on attacking and exposing Biden’s administration, and their hypocritical moves:

“And what’s the dirty little secret here? Why are they really not allowing press photos? I’m going to tell you why. Because you’d find out if you saw the press photos that the conditions in the Trump administration were far more humane than the conditions they have now and God forbid the media had to tell that story. That’s the dirty little secret of why the Biden administration has gone totally incognito mode now when it comes to this stuff. They don’t want anybody seeing anything.”

Here is what he said during an interview for Insider as well:

“Biden, not only do I think is a terrible president in these last few months, it’s just terrible for talk radio. I think Biden is a disaster for the country and his ideas are an atrocity. But he’s boring. He’s just boring.

It is been a real chore the last few months since we’ve lost a Donald Trump, who has a personality the size of Texas — to go from that to this.”

Bongino is wise, honest, and determined.

And, he is completely right!

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Source: Fox News 

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