Ethics Professor Passes The Last Class – Forced To Choose Between Vaccination And Job!

Dr. Julie Ponesse, a professor of Ethics at the University of Western, was threatened by her directors to either get the vaccine or lose her job. The brave professor stood firmly on the ground and shared her situation with her students during their last class.

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In one incredible video, the teacher explained the situation she was in currently and that her two options were to get the deadly vaccine and act as nothing had happened or to refuse the vaccine and lose her job.

Well, you probably know what the teacher has done since the video was from her last lesson.

The government promotes vaccines, and they are even threatening people like here.

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People have to react! Only we can stop the propaganda spreading fear among the young population. If we continue this way, we will face another pandemic called starvation because everyone will lose their jobs, and their families will starve.

Take a look at the statement of the teacher.

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