ESCLUSIVE REVELATION: The Official 2024 Presidential Elections List

Joe Biden “won” his elections a few months ago, and we are on to 2024

Donald Trump spoke about his presidency during his CPAC speech. Is he running for president again?

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  1. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Noem handled the coronavirus pandemic with great success, and she is definitely a good candidate. Businesses weren’t shut down and Noem supported Trump. Noem didn’t implement mandatory masks and the economy in her state flourished.

  1. Ron DeSantis, Florida

Florida was dealing with serious consequences, but they found a way to keep the economy open and stable. DeSantis is a veteran of the Iraq War and has great military experience.

  1. Donald Trump Jr.

He is running a big company and takes care of many workers and finances. This makes him the perfect candidate. Trump’s fans will support him, too.

  1. Mike Pence

A lot of experience and great leadership skills. He knows how things work in Washington D.C. He spent 12 years in the House. Pence is also a former Governor of Indiana.

  1. Rand Paul, Kentucky

The Senator comes from a family of politicians. His tongue is sharp and he has the heart of a lion. Paul supporters low taxes and free trade regimes.

  1. Donald Trump

Our leader improved the economy in our country and set up great relationships with foreign countries. Millions of people love Trump and they all hope to see him back in the Oval Office.

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