Entire Stadium Chants “Let’s Go Brandon!” After Woman Kicked-Out For Wearing LGB Sweatshirt

The movement grew bigger after this one

A lady had to leave a hockey game just because she was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt.

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The lady didn’t cause any problems and she wasn’t chanting or anything. She was just wearing her favorite sweatshirt. No one got hurt or disturbed. I guess some people didn’t like her outfit.

Silencing free speech is never good!

“Let’s go, Brandon!” the crowd went off.

These chants were quite a thing over the weekend.

Here’s what happened in Seattle:

If a fan was kicked out of a game for wearing a BLM sweatshirt, it would be on the news. BLM militants has destroyed properties for less. We keep seeing their logos everywhere.

This lady didn’t destroy a property but she was kicked out of the game.

Outkick reported:

“Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t just popping up on iTunes charts, Southwest Airlines flights, or amongst Major League Baseball crowds. Everybody’s favorite phrase has also made its way to the hockey arena — and apparently the exits there as well. On Sunday in Wichita, Kansas, a hockey fan was escorted out of the arena, apparently because her sweatshirt echoes the trendy “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant.

The apparel drama occurred during Sunday evening’s ECHL game between the Kansas City Mavericks and the hometown Wichita Thunder, an affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers. At some point during a brief stop in the action, two arena staffers walk towards a woman seated near the glass. After a brief conversation, seemingly focused on her threads, the sweatshirt-clad woman exits her seat and is followed up the arena stairs by the two staffers.

Almost instantly, the crowd recognizes the ridiculousness of the situation and breaks out in a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, to the delight and applause of the remaining fans within the arena. The fan being ejected joined the chorus, raising her hands in approval.

Millions of people showed support for the woman.

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