#EmptyShelvesJoe Trends As Old Video Surfaces Of Biden Saying Food Shortages Are A ‘Leadership Problem’

‘#EmptyShelvesJoe’ is trending!

The whole thing started when Joe Biden said that food shortages are actually a “leadership problem.” The video surfaced Thursday and the situation went out of control.

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Twitter users shared images of empty shelves at their grocery stores. This made the hashtag even more popular.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson shared images of her local grocery store, and wrote, “I’ve never seen empty shelves like this in my lifetime.”

Becky Noble from The Political Insider discussed the problem with food supply.

“U.S. ports are backlogged with ships waiting to be unloaded and transferred to other forms of transport,” Noble writes.

White House officials said that “There will be things that people can’t get.”

Dollar Tree will increase the price of their products as a result of rising costs and inflation.

“Joe Biden’s weak policies have FAILED the American people once again. #EmptyShelvesJoe,” Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) tweeted.

“Hard to mess up a country any faster than #EmptyShelvesJoe,” Country music star John Rich added to the trending hashtag.

Another video showed Biden criticizing previous shortages as a crisis of leadership.

“We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem,” then-candidate Biden said at a virtual town hall in May of 2020.

“We have plenty of food,” Biden said. “It’s not a food shortage. It’s a lack of leadership … a lack of leadership.”

Trump didn’t stay calm and do nothing. He fired back.

“COVID is raging out of control, our supply chains are crashing with little product in our stores, we were humiliated in Afghanistan, our Border is a complete disaster, gas prices and inflation are zooming upward — how’s Biden doing?” he asked.

He added, “Do you miss me yet?”

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Source: The Political Insider

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