Emergency Broadcast: Malicious Medical Murder Happening Now

This Wednesday, Anne Quiner was on the Strew Peters Show and shared that her husband Scott faces death after Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, suggested removing him from the ventilator that keeps him alive.

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At midnight, Mercy Hospital hired one Minneapolis law firm to make sure that the action continues, with the deadline of noon.

Attorney Thomas Renz is doing everything in his power to keep Scott Quiner alive.

“What we know is this guy is not dying, but yet they want to kill him,” Thomas Renz told Stew Peters on Thursday.

“We have a hospital that hired a law firm to argue that they have the right to murder somebody.”

Yesterday, at midnight, Mercy Hospital retained one of the most powerful law firms in Minneapolis to fight the order and argue why they feel as they have the right to kill a man!

Stew Peters calls for every bodied man and woman to do everything in their power to save this man’s life.

This is the contact information for Mercy Hospital:


This is the contact info for local media outlets, only to ask them why they aren’t covering this terrible story:

KARE 11 News: 763-546-1111
KSTP Channel 5: 612-588-6397
KMSP Channel 9: 952-944-9999

Watch the video below: 

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