Elon Musk Looking For Streetfighters: “There Will Be Blood!”

Elon Musk – beast mode – on!

The people can’t run one of his firms at a fraction of the quality Elon sells. Currently, he runs Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, Buying Twitter, fighting the SEC, and exposing pure fraud and mind-controlling Twitter.

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Elon posted a spree today asking for applications from real lawyers and hardcore street fighters, not those who aim at corruption.

Check this out:

It seems that Musk is preparing himself for a big fight! We have noticed this before, but Musk is more involved in the Trump story than others know.

Trump’s narrative will combine in many big ways. The SEC Corruption will be tied to this and the election fraud!

Everything will be connected.

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Elon got attacked in the Media:

As a response to the tweet where Elon posted for applications from top attorneys:

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