Elon Musk Concedes This Defeat To Truth Social’s Amazing Success

Elon Musk likes Donald Trump’s “Truth Social”

Oh, wait. He is impressed! Musk shared a screenshot from the app store revealing that Truth Social beats both Twitter and TikTok in downloads.

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Yes, President Trump is really special. He receives tons of support and respect from decent people.

Real businessman talk, right?

Here’s the catch. Musk’s follow-up tweet revolves around Truth Social and its existence. He wrote that the censorship at Twitter made things easier for Truth Social. There’s more. Musk said he doesn’t like the name of the app.

He wasn’t rude at all. He just had better suggestions.

“Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter censored free speech”

The name suggestion?

“Should be called Trumpet instead!”

“Trumpy” maybe? Maybe Trump will take these suggestions into consideration.

We have another question. Will Musk bring Trump back on Twitter?

Musk knows that Trump is a big deal. Having him back on the platform is the real deal. Let’s see what happens next?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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