Eight Cases of Heart Inflammation Reported Among Kids 5–11 Who Received Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine: CDC

Kids developed myocarditis

A Vaccine Task Force doctor said kids aged 5-11 rarely develop myocarditis after getting both shots. According to him, the condition was quickly resolved in each case. If by any chance you didn’t know, myocarditis is the scientific name for the inflammation of the heart muscle.

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Dr. John R. Su, of the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Safety team discussed the topic during the panel discussion of Johnson & Johnson jabs.

Experts and Internet viewers had a Zoom meeting of the CDC’s Vaccine Task Force. Dr. Su said that two kids have died after getting the jab. He did mention that both kids had lengthy medical histories. One of them was a 5-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy and a history of transfusions. The other was a six-year-old girl who got Pfizer’s jab.

Su said that more than 7.1 million doses of this jab have been used as of Dec. 9, 2021. He added that 41,232 of these doses were used in kids aged 5-11.

Eight of the 14 cases of suspected myocarditis match the CDC’s working case definition of myocarditis. The cases were reported in the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Two of the cases were reported after the kids received their first Pfizer dose. The other six developed symptoms after receiving the second dose.

The Vaccine Safety Team doctor told panel members that kids developed similar symptoms to the one recorded by kids aged 12-18. These symptoms include injection, fever, fatigue, and headache.

“Five of the six cases resolved at the time of report,” Dr. Su informed his colleagues, adding, “the other one was recovering at the time of the report, which was months ago.”

“It seems for many, the symptoms seem to be pretty mild,” he said.

The CDC website notes that myocarditis is less frequent in kids aged 5-11 when compared to children aged 12-17.

“The risk of myocarditis after the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech in the week following vaccination was around 54 cases per million doses administered to males ages 12–17 years,” according to the CDC.

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