‘Dumber,’ ‘Not A Deep Thinker,’: MSNBC Hacks Spit on Rush Limbaugh’s Grave

Rush Limbaugh, the radio legend, is now watching over America from above.

After a hard battle with lung cancer, the conservative symbol died on Wednesday at age 70.

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After his passing, the right expressed their biggest appreciation and deepest condolences. The Left, including some well-known media figures, have dropped assaults and even morbid comments, something rarely seen before.

On MSNBC, host Joy Reid, liberal Charlie Sykes, and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank dragged Limbaugh’s name through the mud, stating he made Americans dumber and taught white Americans to hate minorities.

Charlie Sykes stated Limbaugh was “not a deep thinker” and made millions of proles “crueler,” “dumber,” “more dishonest,” and open to using “ad hominem attacks.”

Reid condemned Limbaugh by saying he created a Republican Party “that exists not to govern, but to lead insurrections, to lie, and to troll Democrats.”

If that’s the case, then what would one say about what people like Reid’s MSNBC colleagues do?

Reid said that kind of actions “contributed to the polarization of American politics and … injecting chaos and sexism, manipulation, racism, and dirty tricks directly into the artery of the Republican Party, bloodying people up, rather than faking compassionate conservatism and trying to get crossover votes.”

Sykes even worsened the rhetoric:

“So his legacy is a conservative movement that is, in fact, more dishonest, more open to dishonesty, crueler, dumber than it was before. And you can’t understand Donald Trump without understanding that Rush Limbaugh was, in many ways, not — not just the guy that — that laid the groundwork for him, but in many ways, a role model in the way that you could twist truth. The way that you could use insults and ad hominem attacks instead of actually dealing with ideas. Because, you know, the bottom line, dirty secret about Rush Limbaugh is he was utterly uninterested in ideas. He was much more — he was much more interested in the kind of smash-mouth, own-the-liberals politics that Donald Trump was so good at.”

He then said Limbaugh was such a heartless ghoul that, “even when he was confronted with his own mortality, he saved the worst for the last” with “indefensible” rhetoric about the 2020 election.

Milbank himself attacked other conservative legends like Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, labeling them as enemies and “opponent[s] of democracy” while denouncing them for telling supporters to view leftists as “the enemy.”

Watch it below:

In her most sickening comment of all, Reid said:

“You know, just like Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh was this rich, privileged guy, never missed a meal, never had a problem, you know, financially, but who also kind of broke the Republican Party from the whole moral majority idea. You know, multiple marriages, they set it aside. The drug addiction issues, they set it — every kind of moral underpinning that Republicans claimed, he said, nah, forget all of that stuff. All you want to do is own the libs. Own the libs every day. And he was mad at the Republican Party for a long time that they wouldn’t do it. And finally, they not only did it but elected his doppelgänger to be President.”

In the end, the truth is that these monstrous, senseless, and pathetic liberals look small and trivial compared to Rush Limbaugh.

In 20 years, Joy Reid, Jim Acosta, or any of the other hacks won’t be remembered by anyone.

Yet, people will remember Rush Limbaugh because he was an important figure, and a great American, and the viciousness of his opponents today just proves that in the best possible way.

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