DUAL REPORTS: Jezebel Is Very Frustrated It Can’t Defeat Trump

Two videos emerged today covering the same topic! The first one was from Mike Thomson, on Elijah Streams and Elijah Clips.

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He shared that Jezebel is here, in America, currently.

It is not only an abstract concept but an ancient demonic creature that wants to destroy America! You have to know that Demos and real, and that is written in the Bible!

Fallen angels are real, and Jezebel is one of the best and the strongest ones.

She was the Queen and a spiritual entity from the Old Testament. However, she didn’t vanish, and she still tries to destroy what God wants to create.

We talked with two good friends who said the same things on the same topic! Also, they revealed that at this point, they were more grumpy, agitated, and uneasy than at any other time.

Precisely that’s Jezebel’s spirit, and she is frustrated because she cannot ruin Trump!

Below you can watch two magnificent videos that transmit the same message—the first one from Mike Thompson and the second from Robin Bullock.


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