Drag Queen Embraced For Story Time With Kids At Chicago Lutheran Church

This is our reality

We have seen a lot of man dressed up as women, talking and reading to kids. This has become quite a trend in this country. Well, we have a few shocking stories for you…

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The first one is related to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square in Chicago, Illinois.

On Facebook, the church wrote about Aaron Musser, a seminarian. A drag queen.

Musser invited “any youngsters or anybody who would want to watch a picture book that I will be exhibiting on the iPad” and then started off his presentation.

The drag queen asked students whether they had ever talked to someone like him. None of them had ever had such experience.

“So, this is everyone’s first time witnessing a drag queen?” he said. “Hello there! “I’m also a guy most of the time, but tonight I’m a lovely queen,” she says.

Musser read a tale named “Joy.”

A few minutes earlier, Musser said pleasure was “a kind of liberty, or the freedom to be and do anything you desire.”

When John the Baptist talked about Jesus’ ability to separate wheat from chaff, Musser offered his explanation. So, youngsters were sitting there, listening to a man dressed as a lady.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Drag Queen Story Hour!

It’s an organization that allows drag queens to read to kids in schools, libraries, and other public settings.

“DQSH embraces the creativity and play of the gender fluidity of youth and provides kids attractive, positive, and shamelessly queer role models,” the group said on its website.

Satirical website The Babylon Bee had something to say about churches adopting DQSH earlier this year.

Well, this joke is our reality now.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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