Dr. Ryan Cole Shares 20X Increase Of Cancers & Autoimmune Diseases In Vaccinated Population

Francis Crick Institute in the UK conducted a study on the Pfizer vaccine and shared that it destroys the T-cells and weakens the person’s immune system.

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However, the officials invented a solution to this problem – boosters. How is it possible for more toxins to repair the body and immune system damage?

I guess the experts didn’t want to investigate and see how the vaccines react in the long run.

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Idaho board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole discussed the consequences of the Big Pharma medical experiment.

Since the first vaccine emergence, Dr. Cole was against it, sharing that it raised the rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases in the patients.

No one can know how the vaccine will affect the organism in the long run when the researchers haven’t performed their examinations.

Life Site News reported:

On March 18, Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist and owner and operator of a diagnostics lab, reported to the public in a video produced by Idaho state government’s  “Capitol Clarity” project,  that he is seeing a massive ‘uptick’ in various autoimmune diseases and cancers in patients who have been vaccinated.

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” reported Dr. Cole in the video clip shared on Twitter.

“I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before’,” he continued.

Explaining his findings at the March 18 event, Cole told Idahoans that the vaccines seem to be causing serious autoimmune issues, in a way he described as a “reverse HIV” response.

Cole explained that two types of cells are required for adequate immune system function: “Helper T-cells,” also called “CD4 cells,” and “killer T-cells,” often known as “CD8 cells.”

According to Cole, in patients with HIV, there is a massive suppression of “helper T-cells” which cause immune system functions to plummet, and leave the patient susceptible to a variety of illnesses.

Similarly, Cole describes, “post-vaccine, what we are seeing is a drop in your killer T-cells, in your CD8 cells,”

“And what do CD8 cells do? They keep all other viruses in check,” he continued.

Much like HIV causes immune system disruption by suppressing CD4 “helper” cells, the same thing happens when CD8 “killer” cells are suppressed. In Dr. Cole’s expert view, this is what seems to be the case with the COVID-19 jabs.

Regarding Dr. Cole’s results and Francis Crick Institute’s analysis, we are going to have a rough winter. People will have a weak immune system, and cold winter is approaching, the perfect recipe for calamity.

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