Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals Damning Data, Exposing Vaccine Failure

The doctor has something to say about COVID-19 vaccines

People like to call them “experimental jabs.” Need more proof to stay away from these vaccines?

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Dr. McCullough is an epidemiologist, cardiologist, and an internist. He has been at the forefront of the exposure and now he warns everyone about the safety of these unapproved jabs.

“’Vaccine’. The word being falsely used to describe the injections being pushed on global citizens in a ceaseless, continual, endless, relentless, round-the-clock, interminable, and incessant demand using bribery, bullying, intimidation, persuasion, threats, strong-arm tactics, mandates and even force.

In the world of healthcare, it would seem that medicine, vaccines, and other treatments or preventatives are designed to keep one healthy. These things are supposed to help people, not hurt people. The “hesitancy” this regime and world governments have obviously prepared for, and continue referring to, may not be solely coming from the Trump Republicans, Conservatives or just anyone in general that likes freedom – these people we now know as “domestic terrorists”, according to the Department of Homeland Security bulletin. The resistance to the jab may have something to do with hidden and throttled numbers, withheld data, leaked documents, and the overall failure of the program itself.

Has the government considered that people may not be too excited about injecting a completely unknown substance into their body that has caused deaths in numbers unparalleled to anything we’ve ever seen before, and then actually receive no positive benefit? We’ve been told we must still remain muzzled with oxygen-inhibiting masks, keep away from our family, loved ones, friends, and neighbors, and that we are still at a major risk of being infected with the Wuhan lab virus and even spread it to others.”

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Source: The True Defender

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