Dr. Naomi Wolf Details Unsettling Pfizer Documents, Enlisted 161 Attorneys To Address’ Crimes Of Extraordinary Scale’ [VIDEO]

“We’re starting to see what was really done to the American people and to people around the world.”

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Dr. Naomi Wolf was on Steve Bannon’s podcast to discuss the latest findings from the Pfizer documents about the C-19 jabs while they were experimenting on lab mice.

Dr. Wolf dove into the massive team of attorneys enlisted to pour over the Pfizer documents so that justice could be sought for the people injured by the C-19 shots.

“There’s a great deal surfacing. We need 161 lawyers because the crimes are of such an extraordinary scale as we’re starting to see what was really done to the American people and to people around the world.”

She stated that she’s pleased with the amount of help she and others got in their pursuit of the truth and justice.

“Pfizer did a study, or studies, with rats and mice…So they were looking at the lipid nanoparticles and where they go…this is what BioTech is so excited about. These are the hard, fatty casings that are sent into your body with the mRNA vaccine. And BioTech is excited about this technology because they want to use it for other things like medicine delivery and getting data about your heart, and so on. But in this case, it’s the mechanism whereby the mRNA vaccine kind of goes into you.”

“So you remember, you’ve been assured by the AMA, the CDC, the FDA that it stays in your bicep, in your arm when you’re injected with the vaccine. But these studies show that that is categorically not the case, at least when it comes to these mammals. It leaves the muscle within 48 hours, it enters the bloodstream, and it enters the liver in a matter of hours.”

Watch the video below:

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