Dr. Malone Reveals Nancy Pelosi Asked Him Not To Speak About CDC Data, Could Have Changed Everything [VIDEOS]

They really like this word…


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Joe Biden and the new administration keep mentioning this word in their press conferences and interviews. Oh yes, Democrats dream of a huge reset just because they are trying to save the midterms. Remember when Biden promised a reset at the very beginning of the year. Creepy Joe promised to give us a year of change, but this change won’t be for the better.

The new administration is really busy these days. They enjoy their role in this play. Biden’s friends said they were going to stop the virus. Well, the only thing they did was shut down our economy. Biden forces Americans to get the jab. Supreme Court went against this mandate.

Watch Malone’s video on Rumble.

In his latest video, Dr. Robert Malone, said that he and Nancy Pelosi talked about COVID-19. Let’s not forget that Malone was the one who created the mRNA technology. The doctor said that Pelosi’s office demanded that he doesn’t speak about the whole matter at all.

Dr. Malone talked about the effects of universal jabs. He talked about their impact on the world.

Watch this video on Rumble.

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