Dr. Fauci In 2017: “No Doubt” Trump Will Face A Surprise Infectious Disease Outbreak!

Surprise Outbreak, is it possible to predict? It looks like it’s an impossible oxymoron, right?

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Well, Dr. Fauci did it in 2017.

Numerous people comment about one video clip, and we located it today.

I will assure you it is worth your time.

The video is from Fauci in early 2017.

We cannot invent this stuff, folks! Also, I am 100% sure that the famous doctor will do his best to delete it from the internet.

Sorry doctor, we saved it!

I think that we can be sure only for what we can do or contribute to its occurrence! Am I right, folks?

At one point in the video, you’re hearing: Also, there will be a surprise outbreak.

Watch it below.

The video is also on Rumble so that you can watch it.

Watch this video too.

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