Dr. David Martin With Bombshell! FDA Approved Vaccine That Doesn’t Exist In The US Marketplace!

Listen to this man and protect your life!

Dr. David Martin has a big warning for all Americans out there. According to him, the Food and Drug Agency has approved a COVID-19 jab that doesn’t exist.

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“When members of the mainstream suggest that this approval has suddenly put what is sitting in freezers around the world into an approved status, that’s actually not true,” Martin stated in his “Brighteon Conversations.”

“There are still manufacturing guidelines that were not required for the EUA that would be required for a full-approved product.”

In his convo with Health Ranger Mike Adams, Dr. Martin said that what the FDA has approved is like a unicorn.

“Comirnaty does not exist,” Martin said, referring to the brand name of the Pfizer vaccine granted full approval by the federal agency. “The approval is for future production of COVID vaccine.”

He also shared some important info hidden in the approval letter.

“The section of where it can be manufactured and when it can be manufactured is redacted, which is unusual given the fact that an approval letter is supposed to be a public announcement that makes these things visible,
Vaccines have to lose EUA protection.”

Adams and Martin agree on several points. The FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine, but they prolonged the EUA for kids aged 12-15.

“The mandate for EUA has to live inside of no clinical alternative,” said Martin. “The moment there is an approval, then the EUA protections for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson would cease to exist instantaneously.”

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In the letter, the FDA says that they have great amount of jabs. They also said that Pfizer under EUA has to remain without a license. However, it can be used with Comirnaty.

The mainstream media keeps pushing the fake narrative. They say mandatory jabs are legal for everyone, including the army, healthcare workers, students, and many others.

Fauci had it all planned. He started his plan in 1999 but Donald Trump forced him to stop each and every process. The NIAID’s director paid experts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to make a pathogen that doesn’t exist. Fauci created an infectious replication-defective form of COVID.

“You cannot manufacture a bioweapon and not say that you’re trying to kill people. That’s what a bioweapon is for,” Martin said.

Kizzy Corbett stated: “It’s really cool because you don’t even need much of lab. You can build one of these on your computer at home.”

“We are not talking about a virus. We are talking about an engineered pathogen,” Martin said. “We are not talking about a vaccine. We are talking about the introduction of a computer-simulated code in the form of mRNA – not to stimulate your immune system, but to turn your body into a factory producing S1 spike proteins similar to those found in coronavirus.”

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