Dozens Of School Districts Are Using Book That Claims ‘Whiteness’ Is The Devil And That White Children Sell Their Soul For “Stolen Land And Stolen Riches”

Chris Rufo, an investigative journalist, and avid CRT opponent, marked more than thirty school districts in 15 different states teaching the radical anti-whiteness book. It is titled “Not My Idea” By Anastasia Higginbotham.

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The journalist claims that the book was for children at kindergarten age, ‘traffics in the noxious principles of race essentialism, collective guilt, and anti-whiteness.’

In one part, you could see images describing whiteness as the devil, offering the reader a contract that “bids them to whiteness” in exchange for stolen land and mess endlessly with the colored people.
From the book, the children can identify themselves according to their skin color, and the white children would be evil.

“Racism is a white person’s problem, and we are all caught up in it.”

“Not My Idea” is an example of the CRT’s influence on children, teaching them that white children are oppressors that should be ashamed of their color.

One law firm connected with Ruffo filed a lawsuit in Illinois against the school district for forcing children and teachers to read that book and include it into the curriculum.

Parents are doing their best to push back against the racist indoctrination. Regardless of their opposition, the teacher union one week ago approved the plan to promote CRT in all 50 states, 14,000 districts.

Oklahoma and Florida rejected this law and banned the CRT from schools.

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