DOUBLE STANDARD: Biden Vowed To “Fight Like Hell” In 2019

Evidence showed that Trump’s Democrat tormentors have used the same “fight like hell” rhetoric in the past


As the national embarrassment of the impeachment show trial of the Democrats is starting to boil, it has become obvious that the small group of radical supporters of was once a serious political party is ignited by hypocrisy.

After only two days, the Senate trial has become a fail and turned into a comedy with Democrats depending highly on manipulated video recordings of the chaos in Washington last month.

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The crucial argument for the unprecedented second impeachment of the former president who no longer holds that position is that he provoked violence with his statement “fight like hell” to election integrity protesters.

Yet, that argument has been undermined by evidence that his Democrat oppressors, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who now holds Trump’s position, say the exact same words.

Check it out:

The Republican House Judiciary Committee discovered a tweet from 2019 from Joe Biden that declared:

“That’s why I’ve spent my whole career fighting – and I will continue to fight like hell so that no one ever has to make that walk again.”

Not only the same phrase which the Democrats are now using as a reason to crucify Trump is used by Joe Biden, but following the death of SCOTUS liberal icon Ruth Ginsburg, the top Dem House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin did exactly the same thing.

According to the radical leftist college professor turned congressman:

“The GOP rush to replace Justice Ginsburg is all about destroying the Affordable Care Act, women’s health care and reproductive freedom, and the voting rights and civil rights of the people. We must fight like hell to stop this assault on health care and the Constitution.”

Trump War Room found out that Raskin used that similar language on many other occasions:

Raskin’s fellow House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell who was once in an adulterous relationship with a female Chinese spy has also encouraged Trump’s opponents to “fight like hell.”

Also, Democrat Rep. Joe Neguse along with them:


The noted examples don’t even include the provocative language used by Democrats like Maxine Waters to call for the harassment of Republicans or some of the party’s top figures’ support of the violent conduct from Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters who went on riots throughout the country last summer.

Obviously, the Democrats are hypocrites from head to heels and should not be taken seriously, just like their impeachment charade, because there is a flagrant double standard in the way they are treated by their toadies in the corrupt media.

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Source: Hannity

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