Doocy’s Most Savage Line! Psaki Didn’t Expect This! [WATCH]

Peter Doocy is a hero

Joe Biden made another terrible mistake and Americans won’t let him get away with this one. I mean, our “dear” President makes a mistake every time he opens his mouth.

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Now Biden shared a story of the Ukraine prosecutor who was fired for investigating Burisma. This was just a lousy attempt to scare people. He wants people to trust his lousy lies.

Biden said he violated his position and got a job for his friend’s wife.

Doocy wanted to know more about this and he had a few questions for Psaki. You all know that she doesn’t like his questions. Psaki thought she was smart and she just avoided the answer. She thought it would be great if she starts talking about unvaccinated Americans.

Doocy says, “But setting aside the privacy of the individual, how often does President Biden call around trying to help his friends cut the line?”

Psaki didn’t see this coming. Doocey is our hero and we need more people like him. We need someone to ask the most challenging questions. We need someone who would challenge Psaki and the entire Biden administration. Let’s make these people uncomfortable. They don’t belong in the White House.

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Source: The True Defender

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