Donald Trump Reveals Damning Behind-The-Scenes Information About Fauci And Birx

Trump’s loss of the election in 2020 was a surprise for all of us. The upside of it is that he gives zero ‘’effs’’. And, he is coming out guns blazing towards his enemies.

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Until today, he has already attacked Biden, the GOP, and the media, but he won’t stop here. He has two more targets, Doctors Fauci and Brix.

The former President issued a scorching statement, where he revealed the failures and some damning behind-the-scenes drama of Fauci and Birx.

However, Trump has numerous times stated that he hates Dr. Brix. He can’t even stand being with her in the same room.

Donald Trump continues slamming Fauci even harder, sharing the heinous agenda Fauci had for the U.S. during the coronavirus peak.

For him, Brix was just a ‘’proven liar.’’

Furthermore, the former President described Dr. Fauci as the ‘’king of flip-flops and shifting goalposts to make himself look as good as possible.’’

Trump said: “He fought me so hard because he wanted to keep our country open to countries like China,”

“I closed it against his strong recommendation, which saved many lives. Dr. Fauci also said we didn’t need to wear masks, then a few months later, he said we needed to wear masks, and now, two or three of them. Fauci spent U.S. money on the Wuhan lab in China—and we now know how that worked out.”

He finished with Dr. Fauci and slammed Dr. Birx. In the part where he describes the doctor, Trump calls her a ‘’proven liar’’ having 0 credibilities.

“Many of her recommendations were regarded as ‘pseudo-science,’ and Dr. Fauci was often critical of her, often asking not to be in the same room as her.”

All those states that followed her guidelines, including California, had worse COVID consequences, “ruining the lives of countless children because they were unable to attend school, destroying many industries, and an unknown number of Americans who were killed by the lockdowns themselves.”

Trump concluded: “I just kept Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx on because they had spent too much time working for the U.S. government,”

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