Donald Trump Reacts to the Death of Talk Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh: ‘He Was a Fighter’

The death of the talk radio legend shook President Trump to the core

At the age of 70, the famous talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh left this world.

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The death of the conservative icon has shaken America, including the former president:

Trump stated that it was a “great honor” to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, adding it was “something special” on an “incredible night” during the State of the Union Address.

He said:

“Half the room went crazy and the other half of the room, they knew he should get it.”

During the Fox News interview, Bill hemmer asked:

“When was the last time you spoke with Rush Limbaugh?”

He responded:

“Three or four days ago. I called him just to find out, you know, his fight was very, very courageous. He was very, very sick. And you know, from diagnosis on, it was just something that was not going to be beaten.

But, you wouldn’t know it and he is married to an incredible woman, Kathryn, who really, everytime I spoke to him, he would tell me how great she was, she took such great care.”

Trump added:

“He was very brave. He really could have been gone four months ago. Really. He just was fighting until the very end. He was a fighter.”

Here are some other emotional tributes from some of Rush’s closest family, fans, associates, and colleagues.

The one from his long-time producer Bo Snerdley is especially touching:

Conservative radio icons all pointed out the fact that the death of Limbaugh has created a void that we need to work even harder now to fill.

Here is the comment of Donald Trump’s family:

Last year, Rush was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Donald Trump always found the time to listen to Rush:

Rush was the voice of patriotism, freedom, and our God-given individual rights.

Mr. Limbaugh, thank you for everything you have done for our country.

You will never be forgotten.

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