Donald Trump Hammered Again by Big Tech Censorship After Post-Presidential Media Appearance

The reason for such an attitude is clear

Donald Trump has started to make waves again. He made a surprise appearance to well-wishers on President’s Day weekend, after it was reported that he considered the option to influence the California governor recall election, and even implied he could run for president in 2024.

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It’s been a political resurfacing that must have demoralized Democrats and liberal media who thought their biggest rival had been subdued.

Without a doubt, the Senate impeachment trial charade of now-citizen Donald Trump was strictly planned to unable him from running for president ever again.

Yet, now that Trump has been cleared of charges, Democrats don’t have any mechanism to stop him from running. So, they start pulling off trivial, tributary, and symbolic dirty tricks, such as suggesting that presidents who are “twice-impeached” can’t be memorialized or even buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

American leftists are now so ferocious they not only want to savage those who dare to withstand them in life, but they also want to destroy their memories after death.

When conservative radio talk icon Rush Limbaugh died this week at age 70 after a heroic battle against lung cancer, Ron DeSantis, Florida governor, joined other patriotic Americans like Donald Trump to pay the man the respect he deserves. One of DeSantis’s gestures was to lower the flags to half-staff in honor of Limbaugh’s memory, which led to harsh criticism by his numerous disparagers.

President Trump joined the governor in honoring Rush Limbaugh, giving a whirlwind media tour to share his thoughts and give his condolences. He appeared on Fox News’s daytime air, the primetime show “Hannity,” along with the OANN network and Newsmax.

One of his interviews in honor to Limbaugh has been a target for Big Tech censorship: Newsmax. YouTube, which is owned by Google, has taken it down.

As for Twitter, a video of the interview has been left up, which you can watch bellow- at least for the moment.

Newsmax responded to the YouTube censorship, and told The Epoch Times that they removed the interview because it “violated YouTube’s community guidelines.”

A Google spokesperson said:

“We have clear Community Guidelines that govern what videos may stay on YouTube, and we enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker and without regard to political viewpoints.

In accordance with our presidential election integrity policy, we removed this video from the Newsmax TV channel.

It is a “policy” that is implemented almost always against the opponents of the Democrats. Therefore, it raises doubts about whether such actions constitute election interference.

Recently, such questions have been raised by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on the same day he lowered flags to half-staff in memory of late Rush Limbaugh. As noted by Liz Peek in an editorial:

“DeSantis is proposing legislation that asks the Florida state legislature to impose stiff fines – up to $100,000 per day – on tech companies that “deplatform” political candidates running for office in his state. Candidates like, for instance, Donald Trump.”

It would be a modest proposal in the spirit of Poland’s recent action to slap a fine of $13 million per instance of a censored social media post. However, it is obvious now that the U.S. political system needs to protect itself from Big Tech manipulation of civil political discussion.

This may be one reason that such corporate giants would fear Trump’s political revival: It would be risky for them if he returned to the White House or if he supported a potential ally, such as Ron DeSantis, in a triumphant presidential run.

Social media platforms where Trump could even turn to get out his statements have been under huge pressure. They are beneficial for Big Tech giants.  Not only was Parler hacked and singled out by Amazon to be de-servered, but Gab on Friday suffered an outage due to hacks (though the motives for that are not entirely clear). Parler is now back and working, yet with technical issues from time to time.

Americans will have to develop alternative social media platforms that can hold out against the radical’s coordinated actions to deny their enemies an online harbor for their views. If Trump followers and conservatives continue to be denied a harbor to openly share their constitutionally protected free speech, then the future for the nation’s ability to maintain a balanced and peaceable civil society is not bright.

The former president had been reasonably quiet during the period of post-presidency, but it seems it will be soon over.

Although he is a private citizen in his return to public life, Big Tech censorship against him goes on.

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