Don Jr’s Warning Towards The Military Sounds Scary! And Just Look At That Hilarious Picture!!!

The insults came by the military officials, believe it or not!

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Tucker Carlson was questioning Biden’s statement regarding the alleged “maternal uniforms” to be made for female soldiers.

However, what no one expected was that he will get offended in comments from the ones working in the US Marine Force!

The American public, neither the Republicans, didn’t approve it!


Yet, he took the offense and put it right on the spot!

Among those who couldn’t stay silent and felt the urge to react was Don Jr.

He stated that they should listen if they want to oppose other great countries and marine forces in the world.

“While China is wholly focused on building up their military so that they can displace us as the preeminent super power on the world stage, our Military Brass is going full mean girls on a talk show host and focusing their energy on proving their wokeness. Music to China’s ears!”

This is outrageous!

The Marxist Liberals keep destroying, on purpose, everything this country was based on, all the American values.

This is disgusting and brutal!

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Source: thetruedefender.com

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