Don Jr. Just Figured Out What Biden’s Greatest Accomplishment Will Be, And It’s Hilarious…

He isn’t wrong!

Only six months have passed since Biden is the President of the U.S., and it is beyond horrific.

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Most people thought Biden would strategize, but it seems that he prefers flying by the seat of his pants, and that’s working against him.

We can’t wait to see what he’s not going to achieve in his first year of presidency. But Don. Jr. has a good idea of what he can hang his hat on!

He said: “Joe Biden’s greatest accomplishment will be showing Americans how Great Donald Trump really was!”

Way to go, Don Jr.

We have slews of Americans still without work and living off government funds and businesses who cannot find stuff for working. Our economy is a disaster!

Politico has more on this topic.

The outlook for the May jobs report remains highly uncertain. Most economists are optimistic that the numbers will be strong as the country continues to reopen. But many also remain wary of the possibility that the same pressures that led to only 266,000 jobs being added in April — child-care issues and fear of the virus, among them — could keep growth low through May as well.

“All those tensions, they’re not actually going to go away even for the next jobs report,” Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said at a recent technology conference.

“We think you’re going to see another odd or unusual report,” Kaplan said. “We know businesses are telling us they got plenty of demand, but they can’t find workers, either skilled or unskilled.”

Some early data signal that job creation may not be roaring back. The Real-Time Population Survey, a tool backed by the Dallas Fed that aims to track unemployment trends more quickly than the Labor Department, saw a slowdown in the labor-market recovery in May, with employment ticking down to 71.1 percent from 71.8 percent the month before.

The U.S. economy so far is the worst in its history.

The border is CRISIS and disaster, and inflation is soaring!

Joe Biden did it in only six months!

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