Doctor With Explosive Claim About Difference Between Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Population!

This statement doesn’t match with the typical MSM narrative, and that’s why you will never hear it from them or the health officials.

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When discussing coronavirus, the Democrats, the White House, and Biden see Fauci and follow his steps. Of course, he will advise them that the vaccination will save us, only! Fauci has changed his mind million times from the vaccine introduction on every significant problem about the virus and the pandemic.

Biden knows that, and he still listens to Fauci.

But now everything is different. Americans started waking up and knowing that they were smarter than Fauci and his false claims.

Dr. Richard Fleming spent fifty years studying this science, and he reads reviews on the latest studies of coronavirus. So, from his investigation, Fleming shared his terrifying discoveries on the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

You have probably noticed that if Fauci sees a camera, he immediately goes there and says that the vaccination is crucial, and people have to get jabbed. Contrary, Dr. Fleming doesn’t care about promotion and pushing specific agenda. He advised the people on how to conduct safe and constructive research.

Watch the video and hear what Fleming has to tell you resulting from his professional research findings.

There’s no difference between the unvaccinated and vaccinated populations.


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