Doctor Markary: Naturally Immune Are A Greater Risk From Vaccine Complications

It’s okay to have the wrong scientific hypothesis, but at the time when the thesis is proved wrong, you have to adapt it and change it. Unfortunately, many doctors and elected leaders continued with their hypothesis that natural immunity offers unreliable protection against the COVID-19, a contention that is debunked by science.

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Until now, more than 15 studies proved the immunity’s power gotten from the previous infection. The emerging scientists claim that natural immunity is as good as and even better than vaccine-induced immunity. Because of that, they are frustrated that the Biden admin argues that immunity by the vaccine is preferable to the natural.

They were downplaying the power of natural immunity results in many unwanted deaths. In January, February, and March, we wasted scarce vaccine doses of millions of people who previously had covid.

If we had asked Americans who were already protected by natural immunity to step aside in the vaccine line, we would have saved thousands of lives.

Hear what Dr. Markary has to say on this issue.

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