DOCTOR EXPOSES THE TRUTH: Marburg, Ebola, Aids – All Is Hidden Inside The Vaxx!

A doctor from Finland opened up about one of the biggest threats against mankind

Dr. Ariyana Love says the biggest threat to humanity is in the shots we have been receiving for over a year. The doctor sent an update file to Stew Peters. The file is filled with tons of material and we bet liberals won’t like any of this.

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The doctor discussed a new Spanish research. It suggests that some batches of the jab contain graphene oxide. Some experts keep saying that jabs are safe. The doctor went on saying that graphene oxide gives us flu-like symptoms of COVID-19. It is used as a way to bring nanotechnology into our blood. Johnson and Johnson’s jabs cause sterility and contain bits of ebola and the Marburg virus. According to Love, so-called experts like Fauci are not even trying to fight the pandemic. They are just setting up a foundation for the next one. We are about to be caught in the middle of another pandemic.

Check the video here.

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Source: The True Defender

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