Do You Spot The BIG Difference In Joe Biden’s Travel Schedule?

Politicians should stop throwing this political bias in our face

Yes, everyone is involved!

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Truth is, liberals are worse than any evil force in this world.

The most recent “change” in the protocol of Biden’s travel schedule is… disturbing!

Liberals don’t pay attention to your words. They ignore all the comments about their hypocrisy. These people will never change.

One thing stands for sure. American lives matter. Americans killed in terror attacks matter.

Well, Joe Biden won’t agree on this one…



Here’s what people said online:

“Peak hypocrisy, but not at all surprising.” 

Democrats only care about their political agenda. #AmericaLast

“So, he is only sent out when the shooting fits the leftist agenda. When a black man turns Christmas deadly for a bunch of white people, no, nope, not gonna go” 

“Never let a crisis go to waste, but only one that fits the party narrative.”

“It’s always about race with this mofo”

“If you are the President of the United States, you can’t play sides like this. You have to be here for ALL AMERICANS”

“This speaks volume about the sheer cynicism of American politicians”

“Biden has lost support so badly, he’s hanging off a cliff. They’re trying anything to avoid the inevitable crash.”

“It’s all about politics. They do not care about the people. Remember the funeral for Sicknick? Yet they bashed, smeared and ignored police for years. (Border patrol, too) They only “care” when they can use it. Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Americans are finally united. We are all united in this hate for Biden.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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