Disturbing Video Proof! COVID As A Full-Blown Cult To The Left Destroys The Children’s Youth! Hear The Most Cringe-Worthy Song Of 2021 By Fauci-Obsessed Boy!

One event named “Vaccinate New York” was marked by one masked young boy’s performance. He recited a song in Fouci’s honor, and I think it was the most cringe-worthy moment in 2021!

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I also believe it will hold the title of the most cringe-worthy moment until the end of this year. No one can surpass this! 

I didn’t write this article to mock the boy or criticize him. He looks like a pretty good boy to me. But, I want to highlight the brainwashing that has been happening since the beginning of the pandemic!

This article aims to emphasize the destruction of the young minds in the world and that Dr. Fauci has been wrong since the very beginning. 

The song’s title is “Dr. Fauci,” and the melody is from “Mr. Sandman.” 

Below you can read the complete lyrics of the cringe-worthy song.  

“Dr. Fauci

Give us vaccines

Help all the people who have been quarantined

We’ll wear our masks, and we’ll have to stay distant

We’ll wash our hands and be more resistant


Promise us, please

We’ll have a cure that can fight off this disease

Restrictions will lift with some ease

Dr. Fauci, don’t forget me!” 

And now you can hear his performance. 

The boy took a bow! 

What do you think about the cult that Fauci and the left company designed? 

We expect your comments. 

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