Disturbing Video Appears To Show Minneapolis Mob

The gang entered that apartment for a reason

Two women in Minneapolis were attacked by a group of criminals.

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“How did you get into my house?” one of the victims yelled.

Sources reveal that the gang was actually targeting the young woman who accused a man of sexually assaulting her. The video is on TikTok and we know that she and the man whose name she mentioned are popular in Minneapolis.

“The main video of the incident opens in an elevator as a group of Somali youths, some wearing face masks apparently to conceal their identity, approach their target. After a minor confrontation with a man walking in the apartment building’s hallway, the majority of the group stands back as two individuals knock on the targeted individual’s door,” Alpha News reported.

The attack lasted for a minute and the whole thing was caught on cameras.

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Source: The True Defender

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