DISGUSTING: Olympic Medalist Disrespects America On Podium By Flaunting With Rules, At Risk Of Losing Medal

Raven Saunders may lose his medal

Saunders won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics for the shot put. Instead of celebrating his great success, the medalist violated Rule 50 of the Olympics. The poor lady tried to embarrass the United States on the international stage.

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According to Rule 50, athletes at the Olympics aren’t allowed to protest on the metal stand.

Saunders stood on the stand and made an “X” with her arms. This is her way of representing “the intersection where all oppressed people meet.”

The Olympic committee took notice of the stunt and now they will have to determine if Saunders should lose her medal.

“The International Olympic Committee is looking into the gesture used by U.S. athlete Raven Saunders on the podium after she raised her arms into an X above her head, in one of the most visible individual protests at the #Tokyo2020 Games,” Reuters tweeted.

This isn’t the only incident at the Olympics. Privileged athletes like to use their performance as a platform to “raise general awareness” and protest.

Olympic team USA’s Gwen Berry said that she will embarrass our country in Tokyo if she wins a medal at the Olympics.

Berry turned her back on the US flag at the Olympic trials. She was ready to do the same once again.

The Daily Wire reported:

Berry made it through qualifying rounds for the hammer throw over the weekend in the event’s Group B preliminaries, earning her the ability to compete in the women’s medal round on Tuesday.

Although Berry is not expected to make it to the medal podium — she would have to defeat not only her American teammate, Brooke Anderson, but world-leading hammer throwers from China and Poland — she said, in a post-qualifier interview Saturday, that she intends to make a political statement if she does.

Berry first protested the American national anthem in international competition when she won a medal at the Pan American Games two years ago. Then, she also turned her back on the flag during her medal ceremony, earning her a fine from the Games themselves, which prohibit political demonstrations.

Berry made headlines more recently, though, after turning her back on the national anthem during the US Olympic Trials after taking the bronze medal. Berry, draped in an “activist athlete” tee-shirt, looked directly at the press during the protest, rather than turn toward the stars and stripes alongside her fellow athletes.

“I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform,” Berry said in her most recent comment on the issue while responding to criticism about her first stunt. “I’ll represent the oppressed people. That’s been my message for the last three years.”

Berry didn’t take responsibility for her stunt and she even mentioned a conspiracy theory where she claims there was a big set-up.

“I feel like it was setup,” Berry said as she started cackling. “I feel like they did that on purpose, and I was pissed, to be honest. I was thinking about what should I do. Eventually, I just stayed there and just swayed. I put my shirt over my head. It was real disrespectful. I know they did that on purpose, but it’ll be all right. I see what’s up.”

“The national anthem was scheduled to play at 5:20 p.m. today,” USA Track and Field spokesman Susan Hazzard said. “We didn’t wait until the athletes were on the podium for the hammer throw awards. The national anthem is played every day according to a previously published schedule.”

Was this really a set-up? Is this her excuse?

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