Dinesh Has Had Enough On FBI And Gives Federals CRAZY New Nickname!

We have questions!

Firstly, why FBI cannot identify why put the bombs at the RNC and DNC during the Capitol riot?
DC is the city where we can find many cameras recording every corner, and you can’t tell me that the FBI didn’t see anything at the camera.

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Secondly, why the federals refuse to talk about it?

Thirdly, why is no one talking about the causes of Officer Sicknick’s death?

The FBI said that his death was a murder, so who is the murderer? All of a sudden, everyone’s gone silent.
One month ago, Dinesh shared his theory regarding the FBI investigation on Capitol riot. His view was shared as a response to a tweet from independent journalist Mike Cernovich.

In Chernovich’s tweet, he is searching for answers about why the FBI still doesn’t know who put the bombs at the RNC and DNC. Below you can see Dinesh’s response.

According to me, Dinesh asked the right question, and the FBI knows who the one who put the bombs is. But, the reason why they aren’t telling us because it doesn’t fit with the narrative that Trump’s sympathizers are ‘’insurrectionists’’. So. The federals won’t tell us that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are responsible.

This leads us to the second question: what happened with Brian Sicknick?

Recently there were speculations that a Trump supporter killed the officer with a fire extinguisher.
The press shared that fake story for weeks, and now when we know the truth, why are they silent?

Also, what is weirder is the FBI’s silence.

Dinesh knows why they are silent. Below you can read his theory.

FBI doesn’t serve for anything! Once, they were well respected, and now they are political activists.
Dinesh, on his own, was a victim of the ‘’politicized feds’’ because of Obama, and now he gives them SAVAGE nicknames.

He used the hashtag ”Crookes With Badges.”

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