Did The WH YouTube Channel Just Reveal The “Truth” About Joe During Japan PM Visit?

Welcome to the circus!

Joe Biden is not our President and everyone knows it. The Japanese Prime Minister is the first foreign diplomat to visit Biden’s White House. Well, our President couldn’t come down and greet his guest. An Army Guard welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister, and Vice President Kamala Harris came down to greet him. She started trashing our country and talked about racism. How daring!

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According to Democrats, Biden was sick and he couldn’t greet his guest. We can definitely agree that this was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments in Biden’s presidency. The man has been our President for a few months and he has already made some big mistakes.

Something changed and Biden got dressed and came down at the Rose Garden. The official event turned into a mess. There was nothing professional about this.

Biden told his guest that a Japanese “boy” won the Masters. He couldn’t even remember the name of the 29-year-old golfer Hideki Matsuyama. He is not just someone who won the Master’s Tournament in Georgia. Biden lied about voting laws and caused a mess in Georgia, but the “boy” won it.

Was this a “racist” remark? This was actually really weird.

Something else caught everyone’s attention. The WH YouTube page was visited by 787 people. Where did all the voters go? Biden brags that he has the support of 82 million people. His victory wasn’t that history. Where are all those supporters? Their beloved president welcomed the first foreign diplomat to the White House and they missed it.

There were 287 likes and 2,500 dislikes. What does this say about Biden? Someone decided to go to the page and hit the “dislike” button. Biden deserved that. We are free to show our displeasure.

You asked for this, Biden. Things won’t get any better than this. People know what you did in November. We all do.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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