Did Planes Really Hit The Twin Towers? – Jerm Warfare [VIDEOS]

They are hiding something…

Many would say that 9/11 is the darkest day in US history. A lot of people lost their loved ones that day. The Twin Towers crumbled in a beat, trapping the bodies of innocent people. Those men and women left their homes that day, making plans for their daily tasks and activities. They couldn’t even imagine that anything like this would ever happen.

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The government says it’s a terrorist attack. Little kids grew up knowing that cold-blooded terrorists rammed their planes into the Twin Towers with one major goal. Kill American people.

Well, we have people saying that this wasn’t a terrorist attack. Some say our own country attacked the buildings.

The mainstream media placed the blame on terrorists.

We have a few good reasons to question the official story. We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic was a big play written by globalists. Why would we buy their 9/11 story?

Someone asked one specific question. Did the planes really crash into the Twin Towers?

Watch this video and tell us what you think… It’s a tricky situation and yes, your gut feeling may be right this time. Governments do their best to hide the real truth about the “terrorist” attack.

Enter the Pentagon.

April Gallop said something about the “attack.” Gallop was in the Pentagon that day, so these words make sense.

What are your thoughts on the attack? What happened that day? The only thing we can do right now is continue our investigation and share our findings. Globalists won’t hide the truth forever.

Stop trusting them and help those families find closure. That’s the only thing you can do right now… We are sending our thoughts and prayers to the families of people who died on 9/11.

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