Did Meghan McCain Do This To Dr. Fauci?

Meghan McCain blasts Dr. Fauci for a reason

People don’t like Meghan McCain. She is just like her dad. McCain represents all the bad things related to the GOP. She is trying to bring out this elitism, but America would never support her.

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However, one particular tweet did surprise everyone. Little McCain called out Dr. Fauci. The “expert” keeps telling us to wear our masks. We will have to wear them through 22.

Fauci destroys our country with his incompetence, and Joe Biden supports him.

Journalist Matt Walsh described Fauci in one of his tweets.

“Fauci is the perfect government employee. Completely ineffectual, failure after failure, has presided over a disaster, can’t even keep his own excuses straight, yet still has his job.”

This leads us all the way to McCain’s tweet. She held nothing back and called out Fauci.

“Many of you can keep worshiping at the alter of Fauchi. I’m not a phony – i will not go on tv and lie saying one thing privately and another on air. This is my opinion. We need someone else in charge of coronavirus messaging and leadership.”

McCain did surprise us all. We didn’t see this coming.

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Source: New York Post

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