Democrats Drag Out A Clearly PANICKED Al Gore To Attack Arizona Audit As Officials Prepare To Release Preliminary Evaluation This Week (VIDEO)

Dems and the mainstream media are panicking over the results of the AZ audit. Why?

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Well, the fake media since 2016 haven’t stopped saying that the 2016 results were influenced and were a fraud because of Russia’s involvement with the Trump campaign. It was a lie by the deep state operatives, so they even pushed the FBI and the mass media for years to ruin Trump’s reputation.

However, now, once the senile Biden ‘’won’’ the 2020 election, the Dems are panicked because of the audits.

If you are innocent, why would you panic when they are doing something to uncover the truth?

Al Gore was PANICKING on CNN and attacked the Arizona audit.

Everything resulted from IT specialists’ preparations to share the results of the AZ audit.

According to Gore, the audit is an alternate reality.

Below you have a video of Al’s remarks.

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