DAZED AND CONFUSED: “Dr.” Jill Biden Rescues A Lost Joe Biden At G7 Summit

Will someone call a doctor?

Joe Biden needs medical help. He needs someone to take care of him. Old Joe has dementia and everyone knows it. He needs his wife, Jill, to take care of him. “Dr. Jill” follows every move her husband makes so she can come to the rescue whenever he needs help.

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Watch this video and pay more attention to Jill’s reaction:

Jill leads Joe away. He can’t walk by himself. People laughed, you know. America is led by a person diagnosed with dementia. The world is laughing at us.

Well, Jill has done this on so many occasions. She always comes to rescue her husband. He keeps getting lost and she has to be there to protect him.

A couple of days ago, Jill refocused the “President” while she was addressing American forces in the UK.

Jill is doing her job. She is the perfect nurse. But, we do know that Biden belongs to a nursing home. This lady can’t even stop teasing him. She is teasing the President of the United States! We bet she is fed up with his behavior.

Will Sherwood made a good point. Yes, we all have “moments,” but this is just too much. Biden struggles all the time. The man struggles and he needs to get proper rest.

The mainstream media covers him up, but people notice things.

We’ve been watching these videos for too long. Democrats put Biden in the White House just to make fun of him. They can’t be serious about his professionalism and knowledge. This man can only play with his grandkids. He can’t lead a country as big as America. Our country deserves a strong leader just like Donald Trump. Where is he?

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