Darwin’s Truth! It’s Nothing Good! [WATCH]

Kevin McGary exposed Darwin

McGary talked to David and Stavy Whited on Flyover Conservative to talk about Darwin and all the ugly things related to this nightmare.

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We are warning you… it’s ugly, humiliating, and disturbing.

You do have to watch this video on Banned to see things clearly. Stay focused and pay attention to details. It’s an eye-opening 11-minute video filled with all the necessary information you should know.

McGary mentioned words like “racism”, “white supremacy”, etc… Oh, it gets even more complicated than this.

David and Stacy were really shocked.

“For the preservation of most favored races?”

White race is supreme… Their genes are better…

Does this mean Darwin created white supremacy and racism? Was he the first to make a difference between “whites” and other people? We know a lot of people who will take part in the debate. We were fed lies this hole time.

Stacy was speechless… We are speechless. McGary’s latest book will blow your mind.

“Blacks are subhumans.”

“Whites are pure.”

Oh, McGary will make people talk. Is there really “scientific justification” for “pure white supremacy”?

We’ve been hearing about this for a really long time. McGary started off the topic and now you are free to continue the debate. Where will the whole thing end? Let’s hope that people won’t question facts… It’s not like we’re picking a side. We are just sharing people’s opinion. Let’s hope it won’t end bad for someone.

Everyone is free to speak their mind. McGary even wrote a book about it. This is huge. Where did it all go wrong? Maybe we’ll get a second opinion from those supporting Darwin’s theory. It’s a fair game, right?

What do you think about this?

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Source: The True Defender

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