Daily Mail Obtains Photos Of Obama’s Pre-Bday Bash – Lots Of Unmasked People On A Deck.

It isn’t even a big birthday party. It was only the swanky pre-party celebration.

Obama has an entire weekend celebration, which wasn’t limited to close friends and family as any other ordinary person would do.

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The party was on a deck, and everyone was without masks. We still don’t know if the people who were inside the establishment wore masks or not.

However, in a time of the pandemic, the ex-president creates a party, with many people without masks, when we are told that even the vaccinated people could transmit the virus. It’s illogical.

According to the New York Times, many uninvited people were reinvited.

Daily Mail got images from the pre-birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard, with a considerable crowd, elite only, and they weren’t wearing masks.

Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday. He had an intimate soiree at the Winnetu Resort, and the event took place this Friday.

In the weekend cocktail gathering, Obama was caught talking to guests as they looked at the ocean. He was in high spirits, smiling with the guests, wearing black dress pants and a dark button-down shirt without a tie.

The three-hour-long party included a 30-minute-long speech dedicated to Obama.

From the images shared by Daily Mail, we can see that the attendees don’t wear masks on the outdoor deck, but we don’t know if people inside the establishment wore them.

A lot of celebrity guests were at the party, and they were wearing masks. Most of the guests were probably vaccinated because Massachusetts officials promote the vaccination. Even though immunized people still should wear masks indoor due to the new COVID-19 cases.

These messages are so confusing that the people don’t even know what to believe anymore. We are furious.

This night, on Saturday, the party is bigger, with more elite guests. How is that possible for us, the ordinary people, to be forced to wear masks, and the celebrity people don’t have to do it?

Probably the virus doesn’t attack celebrity people! Or, they know something that we don’t?

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