Culture Shift: The Red States Are Growing While The Blue States Continue To Shrink

The US is in front of something huge!

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Texas, Florida, and Arizona are facing a surge in population during the previous year. But states like New York, California, and Illinois are dropping.

Liberal leadership in blue states makes people crazy. Americans don’t want crime anymore, evil C-19 mandates, and the failing economy.

Rex CEO Peter Rex talked to Fox News about moving his business from California to Texas.

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California, New York, and Illinois face a drop in the population.

Breitbart reported:

California lost one percent of its population over the last year as residents fled for other states, the United States Census Bureau revealed this week.

While California’s population stands at more than 39.5 million, a record high, the state lost more than 367,000 residents over the last year. The state’s population decline is among the largest in the nation.

“In 2021, 20 states and the District of Columbia lost residents via net domestic migration. Largest domestic migration losses were in California (-367,299), New York (-352,185), and Illinois (-122,460),” Census Bureau experts wrote.


Fox News has more:

The Republican-led states that caught the most heat politically for their COVID-19 policies, Florida and Texas, each saw a population growth of 1%.

In terms of numbers alone, the largest gains in domestic migration (the movement of people from one area of the U.S. to another) were in Florida with 220,890, followed by Texas and Arizona. The largest domestic migration losses were in California, which lost 367,299 residents, followed by New York and Illinois.

The South was the only region that had a positive net domestic migration of 657,682 between 2020 and 2021. The Northeast region lost the most people due to domestic migration at -389,638.

Everything is clear. The places where freedom is present people want to go.

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