Crazy Nancy Pelosi Releases Bizarre Video on $15 Minimum Wage; Calls President Trump “What’s His Name”

Nancy Pelosi, the House’s Speaker, shared an illogical video, speaking about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. While talking, she was waving with her hands, and many people compared her to Crazy Eddie. Even at some point, she was digging her fingers in her neck to scratch an itch.

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Also, she mentioned the former president of the U.S., Donald Trump, but before she says his name, she stopped. Once Pelosi stopped, she pointed her finger upward, indicating she forgot his name.

In order not to stop, she called him with the words “What’s his name” and “the former occupant of the White House.”

Crazy Eddie:

A Congressional Budget Office report stated that by increasing the wages to $15 for an hour, in 2025, 1.4 million people will be unemployed. Also, 900,000 people will move out of poverty.
The result of this analysis is that 600,000 Americans will drive into poverty.

Furthermore, Biden’s announcement to open the borders will bring a mass migration.
Also, he proposed an amnesty and work permits for numerous ‘illegal aliens.’

Many people will come and crowd out Americans, and they will take their workplaces regardless of the wage.

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