CPS Whistleblower Exposes Horror: It’s Real, Child Sex Trafficking, Torture, Abuse, Murder

The guest will remain anonymous; once you hear the details, you will know why!

Before 2015, David Frodsham was a civilian official at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan who was sent back home after a couple of complaints of sexual harassment.

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The person who sent him home was emphatic that he shouldn’t receive another post but had to be punished.

However, this recommendation was ignored. The Army only memory =-holed his misconduct, so they let him rejoin the Network Enterprise Technology Command, the Army’s big fancy name for the IT department.

The Army didn’t do anything, and Frodsham was free and allowed to return to his demonic perversions. So, in 2016, Frodsham got arrested in AZ as the leader of a child sex ring. He and his wife were allowed to adopt three children, sexually abused them, plus a whole raft of foster children in their home.

The next guest was responsible for transporting Frodsham’s foster children, Devani.

She was taken from her biological mother, who was a drug addict and had a bad relationship with the girl’s father. The mother wasn’t sexually abusing her, but that’s the same situation that CPS proceeded to drop this helpless toddler into.

Devani’s mother saw her daughter two hours per week, enough time needed to discover that her daughter had constant urinary tract infections.

The mother complained, but the officials blamed the mother.

All the problems the girl had resulted from the sexual abuse she was suffering at the hands of Frodsham.

Ultimately, Frodsham was caught because he drove drunk with Devani and other children in his car.

When the officials investigated Frodsham, police found homemade child pornography of a man penetrating a three-year-old girl screaming for her mommy.

After the sex abuse was revealed, Frodsham was given a 17-year prison sentence.

Devani wasn’t given back to her mother, but the CPS handed her over to two other monsters, Justin and Samantha Osteraas.

Samantha soon tortured Devany and submerged her in scalding hot water, leaving her with severe burns on 80% of her body. Devany was placed in a medically-induced coma, lost her toes to amputation, she will be permanently disfigured.

Devani’s mother didn’t do anything of this, and when she gave birth to the girl, she was clean. Everything is done by the Arizona government, which plays with Devani’s destiny as if she was an object to psychopaths and predators.

However, there’s another dimension to the story. Frodsham’s arrest was for operating a sex ring. A ring represents multiple people.

Other foster children in Frodsham’s home said that David passed around his children to other people.


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