Coverage Of NYC Freedom Rally – Is This The Beginning Of A National Movement?

New Yorkers had a pro-freedom rally responding to Mayor De Blasio’s coronavirus vaccine passport edict. The event took place at the New York City Hall! The mass media called this an anti-vax rally, but it wasn’t like that!

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You have to know that it’s a pro-freedom rally to help the medical freedom against the vaccine passports. Also, the rally was peaceful, different crowd and magnificent energy.

However, not many people attended. Only a couple thousand turned out, and the crowd paled compared to EU protests.

Don’t worry if you didn’t attend; another rally is scheduled for 16.08.2021 at 12 pm, again at New York City Hall.

Just to keep you updated, this event is scheduled for 15.08. on Sunday.

Please, if you can, share this with as many New Yorkers as possible!

In addition, you can see part of the atmosphere.

The March on Gracie Mansion Sunday, August 15.

The upcoming rallies need hundreds of thousands.

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