Courageous Student Blasts School Board For Increased Suicide, Treating Kids Like Livestock And Puppets [VIDEO]

COVID-19 is the main topic these days

Joe Biden’s mandates threaten to destroy the future of our children. He has already destroyed our economy. Vaxx mandates, mask mandates… Biden has it all!

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Our children suffer the most. They are forced to wear masks in schools. The COVID-19 hysteria gave them anxiety, depression, and fear. Is this the world Biden promised to build for our kids?

A high school student in Roanoke County, Virginia, delivered a powerful speech in front of the school board. She opposed the current mask mandate.

On Monday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin passed an executive order that bans masks in schools around the state.

Well, the Roanoke County school board defies this order and announced their decision to keep the mask mandate until February.

This brave girl talked about the anxiety her friends deal with at the moment. Young generations carry a huge burden on their back. These mandates drain us mentally. Sadly, suicide rates amongst teens are really high at the moment.

In June 2021, a study showed that the number of teen suicide attempts is 50% higher now.

This girl struggled to hold her tears and emotions back as she pleaded for the hysteria to stop.

You can watch the video on Rumble.

If you want to take action, check out the Roanoke County Public School contract information below.


Board Chairman, David Linden: Superintendent,

Ken Nicely:

RCPS number: 540-562-3900

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Source: Red Voice Media

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